THE NATALIE PROJECT (#THEMTOO) champions healing and systemic change for families with disabled loved ones experiencing the trauma of sexual abuse.

Natalie’s Voice

Mission, Vision, and Values

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About Natalie

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About Julie

My Sibhood and Advocacy

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The Issue

As sexual assault has been gaining more national attention and discussion in recent years, sexual assault toward people with intellectual and developmental disabilities specifically is still not getting proper awareness.

We have gathered facts, investigative reports and reports to allow you to learn more about the way people with disabilities are treated. Warning: Some of this information is graphic as it contains details on sexual assault.

The Work

As someone who has a family member with a intellectual and developmental disabilities who survived sexual assault, Julie uses her voice to advocate for her sister and other people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are taken advantage of. She spreads awareness through podcasts, articles, public speeches and blogs. Check out media, blogs and speeches Julie is featured in:

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You can donate through the Right Care Now Project. Issues arise when it comes to people working as direct service providers: they often leave their job within a year, doctors report they do not have the knowledge to take care of someone with an intellectual or developmental disability, etc. Right Care Now prevents unnecessary hospitalizations, promotes inclusion within healthcare and find, report and prevent sexual abuse toward people with IDD. Donate now to be part of the cause to ensure people with IDD have access to expert care, wherever they are and wherever they live.